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Young CCC

Connecting young cancer researchers & oncology experts

Young CCC represents the young cancer researchers and oncology staff within the CCC. Its task is to define the needs of young researchers and integrate them into the CCC's strategy.

The Young CCC creates a platform for multidisciplinary teaching, mentoring programs and scientific exchange. The resulting network promotes research activities, clinical interaction and communication among the young CCC members.

Young CCC Coordinators

Petra Heffeter, Zentrum für Krebsforschung ©MedUni Wien Mag.a Petra Heffeter, MAS

Bernhard Englinger, PhD

Department of Urology
Währinger Gürtel 18-20
1090 Wien


Daniela Lötsch-Gojo ©MedUni Wien

Mag.a Daniela Lötsch-Gojo, PhD