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Cancer Update CCC Vienna: Breast Cancer

Monthly training series on state-of-the-art cancer medicine: On January 23, 2024, we will focus on the latest developments in the treatment of breast…

FWF funds doctoral programs at MedUni Vienna

Success with "doc.funds" and "doc.funds.connect" funding - special research areas (SFB) also successfully extended

Virtual patient day on January 26, 2024: Living with metastatic breast cancer: A holistic view of therapy and quality of life.

Medicine & Science, Studies & Further Education

Assoc. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Rupert Bartsch: Antibody-drug conjugates: Targeted chemotherapy as a beacon of hope?

Richard Pötter was made an honorary member of the American College of Radiology

MedUni Vienna radiation oncologist honoured for outstanding achievements

Cancer Research Run 2023: 260,000 euros for research

Around 3,500 runners, including 86 companies with running teams, supported cancer research at the MedUni Vienna with their participation.

Prostate cancer: New app from the "PATIO" initiative helps those affected

The "PATIO" research team at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Applied Diagnostics developed "PATIOSpots" and the website of the same name as digital…

Colon cancer at 30: How a young mother beat colon cancer.

The 3sat science magazine Nano reports on new therapy and research approaches to colorectal cancer from the the Comprehensive Cancer Center Vienna.…

New therapeutic approach for malignant brain tumors in children and adolescents

Medicine & Science

(Vienna, 27-10-2023) A study led by the Medical University of Vienna shows a sustained survival benefit of so-called anti-angiogenic therapy in…